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Mobile Ministry at #Urbana15

Urbana app on display at LightSys booth during #Urbana15

A happy 2016 to all of you and welcome back to Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM). It has certainly been a long time since there’s been an article here – not as long for the video posts, which won’t go away – but definitely been a good while. So welcome back – and let’s talk a bit about the Urbana 2015 Student Missions Conference and our presence there. Continue reading

ICCM Australia Keynote 3: Exploring the Shift from Content to Context

Its been great sharing with you the various keynote sessions shared at the 2015 ICCM Australia Confernce. In this third keynote, we open up the technical sessions of the day by talking towards the shift in computing from simply serving content to embracing the context of use.

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ICCM Australia 2015 Keynote 2: A Theology of Mobile Ministry

A little more than a few weeks ago, MMM’s founder was invited to take part in the 2015 ICCM Australia Conference as its keynote speaker. There, he gave several keynotes on the topic of mobile ministry. The first, A Future of Everything, was linked to previously. The second is linked to on this post: A Theology of Mobile Ministry.

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ICCM Australia 2015 Keynote: A Future of Everything

The past two weeks has seen me in the Land Down Under – Australia – participating with several organizations whom are responsible for organizing and putting on the ICCM Australia Conference.

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Case Study: ATEK in Cusco Peru

A few weeks ago, the Mobile Ministry Forum had its yearly consultation in The Netherlands, and there was a good deal of participation by folks in-person and virtually. Of note, Tomi Ahonen was again one of the presenters and later was introduced to an excellent story about the ATEK in Cusco, Peru and some methods of Gospel-content delivery that’s happening. Here’s a snippet of the case study: Continue reading

Exploring A Different Kind of Mobility with the Samsung Gear S

Samsung GearS and Chromebook 11

For a number of years I’ve been of the persuasion that mobile will eventually get into wearable form factors. Over the past year the complimentary wearable, the smartwatch has been introduced. And while there are various options on the need for it, it’s hard to deny that it is a piece of fashionable and contextual technology that’s  just  opening our eyes to the next steps for mobile. I’ve reviewed the Samsung Gear S with a hope of figuring out the direction of the product and the space:

For some, the Samsung Gear S will feel a lot like an Apple Watch that isn’t as polished, or aPebble that needs a little more time in the hand before being skipped across the water. For others, the Gear S will shine a light on just how little of a conventional mobile phone is needed, and where the real meat of mobile computing lies. The Gear S fits and doesn’t because of these and other points — it needs just a bit more polish, just a bit more follow-through. And less reliance on Android to help it meet its eventual purpose of being a better connected device that keeps you connected without distracting you from the life around you you are connected with.

Read the rest of the Samsung Gear S review at Medium.

Updates on the Side of Bible Apps

Years ago, the question that provoked many to first come to MMM had to do with finding a bible application. We answered that one in a manner that’s still not see as clearly in this age of app stores. There’s still something to be said about updates and new releases to various Bible platforms. Here are a few that have had a recent update: Continue reading

Resurrecting the Reasons for Mobile Ministry

Experimenting with A Different Mobile Filter

Its truly been a long while since writing a post of substance here. Part of that has been a sense of focusing on other channels. Another part of that has been a sense that MMM might have run its course. 10 years of discovering, observing, relating, and releasing this idea called mobile ministry is a long time. Others have stepped up in this space (very much appreciated to see the other voices), some have faded away. Mobile ministry is still a niche. And its still very much needed to be talked about. Continue reading

Issue 3: Holy Week

This issue of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is deliberately begin set against the backdrop of Holy Week. The tools and technology should always take a backseat to the faith and its impacts, but as we find even in this famous week – the tools used (the whip, crown of thorns, nails, cross, and stone) speak just as loudly as the participants in the story.

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