Here is a (small) list of some services for mobile devices including those for mobile website creation and mobile application creation/promotion. A similar form of this listing can also be following on Twitter (@mobileminmag/mobile-web-app-svcs):

Recommended Partners*
Mobile Cause IT Hands The Fluid Ministry

Mobile App Creation (Single-Platform)

Mobile App Creation (Multi-platform)

Mobile Web Apps (only-web)

Content Management Systems

Multimedia Resource Management/Development

APIs, Templates, and Testing


SMS Service/Platforms

Augmented Reality (AR)

Developer Communities

App Stores

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Note: this listing is to freely encourage creation, discovery and use of mobile applications and services. Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is not responsible for the software, its marketing, maintenance, nor does it guarantee that the quality of service provided will meet your needs. Address all support questions regarding the software to the developers/resellers involved.

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