Bible Apps

Here is a short listing of some free (and low-cost) text and audio Bibles and other religious apps for mobile, audio players, tablets, laptops, and desktops:


Or view this listing of Mobile & Web Services to create your own.

Applications which Support Multiple Mobile Platforms

Apple iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad)


Google Android

HP/Palm WebOS

Java and Non-Smartphones

Amazon Kindle
Originally listed at Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

Barnes & Noble Nook/Nook Color


PSP, Nintendo DS, and Other Portable Gaming Systems

Palm OS Classic


Windows Mobile

Windows Phone

Web and Other Platforms

SMS Bible Services

Audio Bibles

Faith-Themed (Mobile) Games
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Children’s Books/Games

Accountability Software


Advent Apps

ash cross for lentLenten Apps

Jewish Apps

Note: this listing is to freely encourage discovery and use of religious mobile software. Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is not responsible for the software, its marketing, maintenance, nor does it guarantee that the quality of service provided will meet your needs. Please address all support questions regarding the software to the developers/resellers involved.