Over the years, Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) has presented on several topics related to #mobmin and mobile impacts. Presentation decks are listed in an archive here, accompanied by which are a part of the story of mobile and faith actions.



  • Answer Mobile Ministry Questions/Mobile Ministry Trends for 2013: Video
  • The Big Picture of Mobile Ministry: Video
  • Community Voices: Digital Literacy Project: Article/Video, Website
  • The Voicemail: Episode 35 (guest co-host): PostMP3
  • June Video Blog (On the Way to ICCM): Video
  • ICCM USA Conference: The Theology of Mobile Ministry – PresentationBYOD Panel – QuestionsSharing Content FROM Your Mobile – Presentation
  • Mobile Ministry Forum: Mobile Ministry Strategy for Your Organization PresentationWebinar
  • The Geek Fest: What Mobile Experiences Are Left? Slides | XML | YouTube Playlist
  • Christ for All Peoples: Introducing MMM Slides | XML


  • BarCamp Charlotte 7: Three Steps to Turn A Lot of Text into Usable Art – Sketchnote | Article
  • Biola Digital Ministry Conference: Making Ministry Websites Mobile – Video | Slides | Sketchnote: JPG PDF,
  • ICCM USA Conference: iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone vs HTML5 Smartphone Platform Comparison – Slides | Sketchnotes Mobile Apps BOF , Spiritual Reboot Keynote , Intro Sketches
  • BBC/Outriders: ICCM and God In Your Pocket – Outriders | Audio
  • Charlotte Viewpoint Magazine: The 21st Century Church and the Digital Testimony Intervew/Article
  • Taylor University, Missions Computing (CS) Class: The Big Picture of Mobile in Ministry – Slides
  • The Geek Gest @ CPCC Mobile As A Magic Wand – Slides
  • Mobile Ministry Forum Consultation 2012: A Mobile Ministry Methodology Outline | MMF Presentation Web App | Blog
  • Symbiota: Mobile Ministry: Connecting with your Church on their Mobile Phones Webinar


  • Visual Story Network Interview: Mobile Movement – Article
  • BibleTech Presentation:  Mobile Ministry: Definition, Contexts, and State of the Body – Abstract | SlidesVideo
  • Danville Community College: Speak, Tweet, and Text to Believe: Dimensions of Faith and Culture (Influenced by Mobile) – Slides
  • GCIA Conference: Mobile Ministry Modeling – SlidesSketchnote
  • ICCM Conference: Definition and Contexts of Mobile (in) Ministry – SlidesSketchnote
  • 7Ms Meeting: Mobile’s Hand in Missions – SlidesArticle
  • Hackerspace Charlotte: Minutes to Mobile Money – Slides
  • Mobile Advance: 10 Questions Interview – Post
  • The Geek Fest @ CPCC: From the Toilet to the Pulpit – Slides
  • No Ties Allowed: How Mobiles Are Being Used to Deliever God’s Word – Podcast
  • Mobile Ministry Forum Consultation: Tablets in Mobile Ministry – PostSlides; Sketchnote: JPG PDF,


  • BBC/Outriders: Expressions of Reigion and Faith Online – OutridersAudio (.MP3) | Post
  • BibleTech Presentation Slides: Mobile in the Next 10 Years – SlidesMobile’s Christ Led Encounters – Abstract | Slides
  • JustHis League: 5 Cs of Discipleship – Slides


  • BibleTech Presentation: Mobile Technology and Connecting Communities – Abstract/AudioOutline
  • Visual Story Network Presentation: 4th Screen to Reinvent a 1st Impression SlidesVideo

*Most slide decks are produced using the S5 Slideshow System by Eric Meyer; mobile-web slide deck developed in 2013

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