Mobile Ministry Strategy for Your Organization

MMF 2013 Webinar Series

Antoine RJ Wright

Founder/Primary Voice, Mobile Ministry Magazine

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About this Presentation

As Mobile Ministry Magazine's contribution to the Mobile Ministry Forum's webinar series, we take a look at what it means to craft a mobile ministry strategy that points to traceable results spiritually and technologically. The challenge for most orgs will be to keep both of these frames in mind throught the entire process of creating a mobile ministry solution.

Deciding to Go Mobile

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Market Pressures

  • Stats
  • Trends

Internal Pressures

  • Stakeholders
  • Grass-roots activity
  • Changing Tech/Culture Integration Practices


  • Complete the Acts 1:8
  • Instigate John 4 (Samaritian Woman) moments
  • The tabernacle is mobile, is the faith lived

Setting Your Mobile Focus

Mobile Ministry Sketchnote Mindmap

Areas of Mobile Ministry

  • Moment
  • Discipleship, Education
  • Media
  • Marketing, Development, & Analytics
  • Missions, Evangelism
  • Spiritual, Psychological

App, Website, or Service

This speaks to the identified layers of mobile ministry and how these relate to the unique characteristics of mobile.

  • App: Utilize unique features of the mobile
  • Website: Alternate portal, enabless many ways to connect with people and content
  • Service: Content distributon, destination enabler, connections with other platforms/services

Measuring Results

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Usage & Installs

  • Looking at the time that's spent in the application, not just downloads/likes/visits
  • What kinds of traceable sharing interactions


  • What does the app/website/service enable
  • What are inventive uses of content that you all allowing to be explored
  • What are illegal issues with content or behavior mashups that mobile enables

Spiritual Impacts/Considerations


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