#mobmin Event Calendar

To keep up with events pertaining to #mobmin (mobile ministry), its helpful to connect with others in and around this space. Therefore, the #mobmin Event Calendar exists in order to help you better find events which are relevant, and connect to them as needed.

View the #mobmin Event Calendar (Google Calendar)

Other Ways of Viewing/Subscribing to the #mobmin Event Calendar

  • For those of you with Android devices, you should simply need to go into your Google Calendar account (use a desktop web browser), and then add this calendar to have it appear alongside your calendar
  • For those of you not using an Android device, but do have a Google Calendar account, you need to copy each event (individually) into your main calendar, and those events will appear there. However, they will not update when the calendar updates.
  • You can subscribe to this calendar via RSS (link here); items will show in your RSS reader when they are added to the calendar, not when they occur
  • You can also add to your Apple devices calendar using iCal (link here). If you add this link into iTunes, it should transfer to another (layer) calendar in your iOS devices; this link does update when the main calendar is updated.
  • Depending on the mobile device you are using, the RSS/iCal item should show an individual item download, so that (for example) from a mobile device, you can download a specific event into your calendar. From your calendar, sharing is as simple as hitting the “share” button on your device and it sends as a vCal item in an MMS message
  • I have a workflow running using ifttt which automatically tweets out newly added events using the #mobmin hashtag – so if you are looking for an easy way to have your audiences keep up with events, that hashtag just got more valuable.