TheoTek plus Editotial: Is Apple Ruining Bible Software

Not the 1st time highlighted, but as mentioned a while back, no new content is here but some of the theo-tech conversations happen elsewhere. The TheoTek Hangout and Podcast is one of those spaces and in this conversation we talk about the innovation that is/isn’t present in bible software:

Being this was a subject of mine, I went a bit further with an editorial published afterwards:

…The week’s topic sparked when a few of us were speaking well before the show about the Bloomberg Tech article where Mark Gurman reports on the dissent happening with Mac loyalists. Being a suite of macOS and iOS users between us on the podcast/Hangout, we started down the line of discussion towards why it does or doesn’t matter that Apple pushes a larger share of resources towards a platform that doesn’t pay the bills versus the one that is (now, the macOS product line is making Apple much money; it’s just that the iPhone product line is also doing so, a matter of exponents greater). As we conversed, we eventually got to the point where we opined on the emphasis Bible/faith-based software and services companies put towards serving existing users, casual users, and (hopefully positioning towards) new users.

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