Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is online magazine asking questions, presenting approaches, and experimenting around stories related to the implications of faith and mobile technologies.

MMM helps individuals, ministries and organizations discover, observe, relate, and release mobile ministry practices as they evolve in the 21st century.


Screenshot of Issue 1 (resized) - Share on OviBegan in October 2004 as a PDF-based magazine to pastors, MMM has expanded to become a web blog which utilizes associate writers, technology reviews, devotionals, and editorials to create the unique content which assists individuals, organizations, and movements to better understand the implications of faith and mobile technologies.

Today, MMM serves to send and receive information around the use and discussion of the implications of mobile technology within faith-based communities. This is done in one respect by the magazine and its collection of mobile applications and resources. In addition, MMM shares knowledge, resources, and understanding through the use of workshops, training sessions, and speaking engagements. To see a listing of slides, videos, and notes from those presentations, read our Issues and Presentations. To inquire about speaking and consulting engagements, use this form.

Who is MMM

Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) was founded by Antoine RJ Wright and he continues as the primary voice behind MMM and its vision/practice.

Other members of the MMM team include Lance Wehrung, Brad Rhodes, LaRosa Johnson, Melissa Cronin, and Brett Quam. These persons contribute administrative support (CMS, podcast production, etc.), written articles and prayer to this effort.

MMM also receives contributions from Wes Allen, Mobile Advance, and many others.

MMM also participates in several associations and groups such as Digital DisciplesWIP Connector, the Mobile Ministry Forum, the Visual Story Network, GCIA, ICCM, and many others. Our goals with these associations is to present a voice that’s knowledgeable of the technological, media, and spiritual dimensions of mobile and web technologies while also enabling individuals and groups to move forward with mobile activities.

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The content on this site is freely available. You can use services such as AddThis, Evernote, or Pinterest to copy content to your archives. We do ask that you give appropriate attribution when utilizing content that is unique to this site.

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Where is MMM Located

Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is not specifically based in a city (being web-based). However, many of its operations begin in and around the USA East Coast region. Due to the nature of mobile, activity with MMM occurs regularly in areas throughout North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and California. Location isn’t a limitation to mobile, but an enablement to our message about it.

Mobile Ministry Sketchnote MindmapWhat Does MMM Do

The technologies and topics that MMM speaks/trains/consults on include: mobile marketing, mobile communities, mobile website development, discipleship and education, media engagement using mobile devices, organizing and interpreting data using SharePoint/knowledge management services, and use of open source tools and methods which might include mobile devices in various settings.

Over time, this has resulted in the first-ever published mobile ministry definition, initial project methodology, guidance materials to crafting effective mobile websites and applications for ministry opportunities, and future-scoping of the implications of mobile/connected technologies on religious industries with traditional perspectives moving into this space; as well as additional commentary on media, technical, development, and theological issues in this space.

These another other reports are noted within our collection of Case Studies and Research material.

Contact us if you would like to more specifically utilize this knowledge for your organization or initiative.


Technology is only relevant when it is personal – Jay Noggle

Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is relevant today, as it was in 2004 when it began because of the pervasiveness of mobile devices and connected devices and services worldwide. As of 2012, there are over 6 billion cellular mobile accounts utilized over 4 billion mobile devices globally. There has been no technology that has grown as fast and as far as mobile devices, and yet its growth doesn’t imply an understanding of its implications. From instant communication, to the economies of communication versus basic living needs, mobile technologies have truly changed how we view and interact with our world.

The greater faith community has the challenge of understanding a world where broadcast isn’t the only option for media and communication engagement. As this is the second mass media channel which is participatory (Internet being the first), understanding how mobile effects, amplifies, challenges, or changes faith-based efforts is key not just to delivering the message of the Gospel, but living in a world where people are more often taking on the responsibility to be the filters of messages on a personal level. Whether one is sending or receiving Christ, understanding mobile is now more key than ever. We exist to help ministries and organizations get that understanding.

Engage the Practice of Mobile Ministry

There are several ways to learn more:

To get started with mobile ministry yourself, download Bible applications (for nearly every computing platform), find a service to develop a mobile website or application, or adopt our mobile ministry methodology framework to your current IT & ministry efforts.

At the intersection of faith and mobile technology, your response will dictate how the testament of faith carries on.