Case Studies/Research

Have some experiences in mobile ministry that you wish to share? Submit your case studies, research, or metrics, or, if your case studies are not yet completed, MMM is able to assist you in pulling together case study content to post here and other sites.

Breakdown of how we look at content and resources on this page:

Mobile Contains 3 Layers

  • Devices
  • Services
  • Experiences

Read more on how we define mobile ministry and then how we’ve identified these layers.

Identified Ministry Areas Specifically Addressing Mobile

Read more about how we break down these identified areas.

Categories of Content Include

  • SMS (text messaging) and MMS (multimedia messaging)
  • Social Networking
  • Visual Stories
  • Evangelism
  • Analysis and Metrics
  • Language Development
  • Communication Strategies/Implementations

Our complete listing of categories for article content.

Submitting Case Studies/Research Articles
For more details on submitting and posting content, view the associated details post. To submit your case study or research article, use this form.

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