Case Study: ATEK in Cusco Peru

A few weeks ago, the Mobile Ministry Forum had its yearly consultation in The Netherlands, and there was a good deal of participation by folks in-person and virtually. Of note, Tomi Ahonen was again one of the presenters and later was introduced to an excellent story about theĀ ATEK in Cusco, Peru and some methods of Gospel-content delivery that’s happening. Here’s a snippet of the case study:

Last week I had the chance to visit with my friends at the Mobile Ministry Forum (via video link) and in its aftermath I connected with my friend Marty Lange of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Marty had a fabulous story from Peru I just HAVE to share with our readers, in this mad world of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and Gamification and smartphone apps and GPS and 4G. Lets not forget the basics. As I was reminded last year speaking at Mobile West Africa conference in Nigeria, a lady from Ghana told me that in many African villages there still is plenty of illiteracy, and even my fave story of SMS is ‘too advanced’ technology. Some people – and there are still 780 million illiterate ADULTS – can’t be reached even with that basic tech of SMS. It is quite literally too advanced. So too, by the way is USSD and IVR. If a person can’t read they typically are also lacking in numeracy. If you tell them ‘press number 3’ on the keyboard, they won’t know which of the 12 keys on the phone is a ‘three’ – and they will hang up.

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