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Issue 3: Holy Week

This issue of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is deliberately begin set against the backdrop of Holy Week. The tools and technology should always take a backseat to the faith and its impacts, but as we find even in this famous week – the tools used (the whip, crown of thorns, nails, cross, and stone) speak just as loudly as the participants in the story.

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2014 Issue 1: Making It Simple

Welcome to a refreshed Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM). Starting this year, we are going back to the simplicity of the issue format. Each month we will be hitting on those points where you can discover, observe, relate, or be released into mobile ministry (#mobmin) efforts. It’s a packed issue, let’s get into it.

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2013 Mobile Ministry Consultation

You might have seen this posted on the #MobMin Event Calendar (subscribe to it if you’ve not), and its since been updated. If you didn’t see it, then all of the below is new news for you. From the folks at the Mobile Ministry Forum:


Please consider joining us for the 2013 Mobile Ministry Consultation (December 9-11, Orlando, FL)! Learn with more than 100 other mobile ministry innovators how to reach the next generation for Christ via mobile device strategies. The consultation includes TED-style presentations, discussions, ministry field reports, workshops and networking time.

Cost: The registration fee is $230 (inludes meals). Early registration is available for $200 throughSeptember 25.

Housing: Limited on-site housing is available for $35/night on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ministry Booths: A limited number of promotional booths are available.

For more information and details towards upcoming talks, visit the Mobile Ministry Forum website.