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Videocast for March ’16

Some weeks back, a friend asked what happened to the videos we posted and I explained that it was more or less an experiment. While I wasn’t sure if doing videos as often would return, it would be someone to explore from time to time because some subjects are best served with moving pictures. Well, this post feels like one of those. Continue reading

October 2015 Videocast

Using speech-to-text; apologies for the errors in the text – ARJW

Suffice to say that it’s been along time since getting something on the blog here. It has been a little bit, and a lot going on in life beyond MMM. Currently, I’m getting ready to go to the ICCM Australia conference, where I am doing the keynote presentation. That will be something share it at a later date.  In the meantime check out this October 2015 Videocast published after attending a recent Mobile Ministry Forum Huddle:

Now, for those of you who might’ve been missing items posting here, that’s because most items have been going to Twitter (@mobileminmag) and YouTube. An update later will put links on this site to those items.

Resurrecting the Reasons for Mobile Ministry

Experimenting with A Different Mobile Filter

Its truly been a long while since writing a post of substance here. Part of that has been a sense of focusing on other channels. Another part of that has been a sense that MMM might have run its course. 10 years of discovering, observing, relating, and releasing this idea called mobile ministry is a long time. Others have stepped up in this space (very much appreciated to see the other voices), some have faded away. Mobile ministry is still a niche. And its still very much needed to be talked about. Continue reading

Receiving and Giving A Liebster Award

My good friend – and co-laborer with the TheoTek Hangout/Podcast – Wes Allen has nominated me for a Liebster Award. Many thanks Wes, and to those who might be reading and going “what’s this,” its simply a recognition of some of those folks who blog who might not get the kind of attention that those with larger followings tend to get – and its a chance for you to read a little something new, while learning something new about the person you’ve been reading/watching/following.

So, thanks for the award Wes, and due to my silly nature – this probably will end up appearing in a few arenas for me. And if you’ve not heard an honest pastor lately, Wes is really one of the class acts out there. Check out his blog Painfully Hopeful, or visit his church. Continue reading

2014 Issue 1: Making It Simple

Welcome to a refreshed Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM). Starting this year, we are going back to the simplicity of the issue format. Each month we will be hitting on those points where you can discover, observe, relate, or be released into mobile ministry (#mobmin) efforts. It’s a packed issue, let’s get into it.

Continue reading

2014, Going the Route of Disruption

The past years have been incredibly hard. Going at it with MMM as a primary effort has been all kinds of hard. I’ve had to move a few times, deal with the good and bad of working on collaborative projects, reject a few speaking gigs (because they wouldn’t pay), and accept a few others not knowing how I’d get there. Suffice to say, there’s a part of me that wishes that it was possible to have kept the pay from the old job while doing this – but I think I might have prayed too long and too hard and didn’t see the wisdom there. Continue reading

CLA Mobile Ministry Course Registration Open

The Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) has again opened the door to their winter session and the course we designed and will facilitate – Creating a Mobile Ministry: Mobile Ministry Introduction and Relevance – is going to be offered.

Learning Objectives

This course is designed to provide participants a better understanding of mobile technologies used in ministry practices. Upon completion, the participant should have a better understanding of the current information that is known in this space, be able to ask/answer questions of that information, and then generate new questions that will lead to sound research and applications of mobile technologies in ministry applications.

Module Overview

This course intends to lead the participant into an understanding of mobile technologies and behaviors which influence faith practices within Christian and other religious spaces, with the goal of creating a theological and sociological framework for analyzing, discussing, and leading local/global communities in mobile interactions. The participant will have the knowledge and foundational skills to supplement existing ministry activities, or start new ones which utilize mobile technologies, communications, and/or behaviors.

You can register for Creating a Mobile Ministry: Mobile Ministry Introduction and Relevance at the CLA website.

As with the previous offerings, if you have specific questions which are not answered on the course website, do ask.

Geek Fest Presentation

A bit late, but definitely as interactive as it gets from these parts. The presentation from Thursday’s Geek Fest is now viewable by all:

What Mobile Experiences Are Left?
A lot of what we think about mobile has been shaped by the entertainment industry’s imaginations, manufacturer’s designs and marketing, and the wonderment of of friends and family. In light of that, it almost seems like there’s nothing else left for mobile to unveil. I think mobile has a bit left to unveil. This talk will explore what’s happened and what’s to come, and why its not so far away from your fingertips.

A Bit More About this Presentation

There’s a bit more that’s gone into presentations as MMM has evolved. Some years ago, we started experimenting with the idea of taking the focus of the presentation off of the presenter and the projector and putting it into the hands of those attending. A further evolution from there was to reinvent the slide deck along our mobile-first mindset and develop interaction decks which looked and acted betted on mobiles than they would on 100+in screens. This presentation goes a few steps further in terms of the plumbing and connectivity involved.

First, the outline of the presentation was created using Dave Winer’s Outliner. As a starting point for thoughts, as well as a logical means to organize resources, Fargo will continue to be the backbone to presentations – or at least having an output in XML of what’s happening there.

Secondly, we used a lot of video in this presentation. That’s not normal, therefore YouTube was leveraged before their abilities to organize into a playlist the collection of videos, and allow those who produced those videos the space to be heard for their work. I liked how the videos were integrated into the storyline this time around, and will explore in future talks how to leverage some of the same (probably with other video or audio services, just to see what happens).

The slide deck is HTML5-driven. Technically, it uses a feature called AppCache in order to be saved to the viewer’s device/machine, so they can look at it later. Now, if they clear their browser cache, then they will not see the deck. There are linked assets in the deck which need a web connect too (the XML and videos) – and so it will not be completely viewable offline. It is interactive, and displays the points that needed to be conveyed. The UI is purposeful in directing attention – there are few ways to go backwards depending on the screen. Much like the Choose Your Own Adventure books of our past, its designed to let the story unfold as you read, instead of all at once.

If you have comments or questions about the content or tech used in this, please do not hesitate to ask. To view previous presentations and other assets created at MMM, see this page.

In the meanwhile, do take shots… you never know where they might end up.