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Receiving and Giving A Liebster Award

My good friend – and co-laborer with the TheoTek Hangout/Podcast – Wes Allen has nominated me for a Liebster Award. Many thanks Wes, and to those who might be reading and going “what’s this,” its simply a recognition of some of those folks who blog who might not get the kind of attention that those with larger followings tend to get – and its a chance for you to read a little something new, while learning something new about the person you’ve been reading/watching/following.

So, thanks for the award Wes, and due to my silly nature – this probably will end up appearing in a few arenas for me. And if you’ve not heard an honest pastor lately, Wes is really one of the class acts out there. Check out his blog Painfully Hopeful, or visit his church. Continue reading