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Videocast for March ’16

Some weeks back, a friend asked what happened to the videos we posted and I explained that it was more or less an experiment. While I wasn’t sure if doing videos as often would return, it would be someone to explore from time to time because some subjects are best served with moving pictures. Well, this post feels like one of those. Continue reading

October 2015 Videocast

Using speech-to-text; apologies for the errors in the text – ARJW

Suffice to say that it’s been along time since getting something on the blog here. It has been a little bit, and a lot going on in life beyond MMM. Currently, I’m getting ready to go to the ICCM Australia conference, where I am doing the keynote presentation. That will be something share it at a later date.  In the meantime check out this October 2015 Videocast published after attending a recent Mobile Ministry Forum Huddle:

Now, for those of you who might’ve been missing items posting here, that’s because most items have been going to Twitter (@mobileminmag) and YouTube. An update later will put links on this site to those items.

Issue 3: Holy Week

This issue of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is deliberately begin set against the backdrop of Holy Week. The tools and technology should always take a backseat to the faith and its impacts, but as we find even in this famous week – the tools used (the whip, crown of thorns, nails, cross, and stone) speak just as loudly as the participants in the story.

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Issue 2: Envisioning

Welcome to the second issue of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) simply titled Envisioning. There was a decent response from the year’s first issue and so we are going to continue down the same path with this package of observations and insights from the mobile ministry (#mobmin) space.

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2014 Issue 1: Making It Simple

Welcome to a refreshed Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM). Starting this year, we are going back to the simplicity of the issue format. Each month we will be hitting on those points where you can discover, observe, relate, or be released into mobile ministry (#mobmin) efforts. It’s a packed issue, let’s get into it.

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November Videocast & Kolo Group Mobile App Video

Two videos this month to profile. The first is our monthly videocast, titled Mobile Experiences:

The second comes from the folks at the Kolo Group talking about the app and the mobile evangelism opportunity with it:

Check them out and if there are other videos we should be profiling, get in touch with us, or share via social networks so that we can promote those along with you.