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While there are lots of folks getting out from under plates and shopping bags, I do hope that you take a moment this day and weekend to be thankful. Not for your resources. Not for your lifestyle. But, for the grace that has been afforded to you.

Mobile Ministry Videos

Over the past months, we pointed to a few videos which explain the concept of, talk about projects in, or illustrate the scope of mobile ministry. Here’s a roundup of those videos to date:

Introduction to Mobile Ministry Video from Mobile Advance

Read more about Mobile Advance and the Mobile Ministry Forum.

2011 BibleTech Presentation:  Mobile Ministry: Definition, Contexts, and State of the Body
View Video (Qik)
Read the presentation abstract, or follow along this video presentation by viewing the slide deck.

Chris White Ministries Talks Mobile Ministry

Read more about Chris White Ministries and their work in mobile ministry

Interview with David Palusky of Renew Outreach

Read more about Renew Outreach and their missions/mobile ministry efforts

Mobile Evangelism by Renew Outreach

Read more about Renew Outreach’s Mobile Evangelism work

Equipping the Mobile Evangelist by Kiosk Evangelism

Read more about this practice of mobile evangelism and p2p media transfers.

Chris White Ministries Shows How To Share Swahili Bibles and Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Read more about how this content can be created then shared between mobiles

Ray Comfort and Audio/Video Gospel Tracts

Read more about the GM2:8 App and how it’s being used for evangelism efforts

How the 4th Screen Reinvents the 1st Impression

Read the presentation notes from this VSN talk, and one of our report from the 2009 VSN Leadership Forum.

Are you a ministry/organization that has published a video or some materials about mobile ministry? Connect with us for those mobile ministry (#mobmin) videos you’ve published or seen.

Mobile Ministry Methodology (v1)

For the years that I’ve been looking at this intersection of faith and mobile technology through the lens of MMM, one thing has honestly escaped much of the conversation around the topic: if this intersection is valid, then what do people do to get past that intersection and into some relevant demonstration of their faith. In effect, what’s the method to the madness?

Being able to devote much more time to MMM in the past two (2) years has granted my thinking and action spaces to do just that – figure out the methods and some streams of activity within them. You’ve seen this in part if you’ve followed this site for sometime and watched its evolution. In this post, I kind of want to pull all of that together into what amounts into a mobile ministry methodology. The goal of this methodology is to literally demonstrate the definition of mobile ministry in the midst of practice and application.

Mobile Ministry Sketchnote Mindmap - Share on Ovi

View the #mobmin Methodology

What is Mobile Ministry

In one of the recent conversations that I was around (about the kiosk), we talked about how ventures like MMM would do well to be certified – it would add validity to the effort around this site and the perceptions towards mobility and mobile ministry. Thing is, mobile ministry isn’t something that you can be certified in (yet) – frankly speaking, it isn’t old enough for there to be sufficient best practices and/or innovations above those.

And yet, I (and some others) sense this need and therefore, we’ve got to define what mobile ministry is, what are the key applications, and what are its clear implications. This post will sit as MMM‘s re-introduction to the public conversations on this topic.

A Working Definition
Mobile ministry is the skillful use and application of computer technology classified as mobile for the context of fulfilling the Christian (religious?) designation of forwarding the proclamation of the key ideals and history of the faith, following form to and innovating on top of cultural and faith traditions within applied contexts.

Mobile [technology] can defined as:

personal computing use that is defined by time, task, and spatial relationships, and is not limited to a device which maintains a wired connection; behavior of use is not limited to non-moving contexts; viewport of use is established by a 1:1 ratio of device/service and user.

Another way to look at this definition is to look at these specific mobile characteristics of mobile technology as identified here:

  1. Mobile is the first personal mass media
  2. Mobile is permanently carried
  3. Mobile is always-on
  4. Mobile has a built-in payment mechanism
  5. Mobile is available at the point of creative inspiration
  6. Mobile has the most accurate audience measurement
  7. Mobile captures the social context of media consumption
  8. Mobile allows augmented reality to be used in media

via Tomi Ahonen, Communities Dominate Brands

This differs from what we commonly hear about mobile. The market definition of mobile is any device that contains wireless communication capabilities (cellular or IP) and is designed around a viewport (screen) of less than 5in. This cosigns mobile into a personal computing context that both magnifies the characteristics, and presents the framework in which to approach mobile for service/life application.

Working Applications of this Definition
With this definition in mind, we can start looking at contexts in which this action of ministry (sharing and multiplying faith experiences) happens. Here are some of these contexts (as defined by MMM‘s case report categories):

  • Short Messages: SMS (text messaging) and MMS (multimedia messaging)
  • Long Messages: email, mobile web, mobile applications
  • Social Networking
  • Multimedia
  • Evangelism
  • Analysis and Metrics
  • Language Development
  • Communication Strategies/Implementations

Indeed, within these constructs, the definition and application of mobile can get very wide and deep. The challenge therefore, is to identify the characteristics of mobile, with the applicable technologies which are mobile in context, to create opportunities for ministry-type engagements.

Missions, Media, and Moments
There are currently, three focuses that I’ve seen in the area of mobile ministry which have come to light over the past 6-10 years: mobile in missions, mobile in media, and mobile capturing/defining moments.

Mobile in missions looks at the application and use of the technology and characteristics of mobile primarily within the context of fulfilling missional engagements. This includes SMS/MMS campaigns, multimedia sharing/engagement, web media development, educational facilitation and mobile health/wellness campaigns.

Mobile in media ascribes the characteristics of mobile to existing media domains (TV, radio, Internet) to bolster activities and engagement to fringe audiences, and to bolster connections to existing audiences. Here we see SMS/MMS campaigns as a subset of a larger media campaign. There is more of a focus on creating experiences through dedicated applications. And we commonly find those persons whom are missional in business contexts creating Gospel-led moments through these activities.

Mobile as a moment is largely the space where personal use and experimentation of the technology becomes the driver of Gospel engagements. Here, we have the use of religious applications such as bible readers, reading plans, and messaging alerts. Many missional and media engagements start also at this level – where a single person, directly with a mobile or with the assistance of a messaging/social networking service, reaches out to friends and loose associates with messages of encouragement, reproof, instruction, etc. In the marketing space, this would be akin to grassroots and viral methodologies at their most basic levels.

Where Do You Stand
Given this short look at defining mobile ministry, I’d hope that you’d be able to better see where you or your organization might stand in respect to how you choose to engage mobile contexts.

At this still early stage of making this field a viable option for ministries and individuals, such definitions are not just helpful, but frame and understanding towards what can and should be the aims of the tools and behaviors that we shape as mobile ministry becomes yet another avenue to share the wealth and depth of the Christian faith to others.

Stay tuned to the Mobile Case Studies/Research page as items there will also continue to contribute to this (working) definition and the means to identify trends in this space.