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Highlighting Partners; Support

Speaking a bit towards one of our resolutions for 2013, we’d like to highlight and partners that have joined with MMM over the past year, and later open the door for you or your organization to partner with us.

The last two years have certainly been heavy ones in terms of ministries becoming more aware of the power of text messaging (SMS) for communications, giving, and outreach. To that end, it was great for us to partner with Mobile Cause (@mobilecause). Mobile Cause is a company which has a focus towards Text-to-Give Services, and has their own mobile giving and fundraising platform that’s able to take nearly any kind of intention, and make it accessible by SMS giving. Stay tuned for some exceptional case studies from them being highlighted here, as well as possible offers towards engaging with Mobile Cause directly.

The other request that comes this way pretty often is to ask if we do any development. MMM sticks to journalism and strategy, and keeps project management and mobile development work highlighted in the hands of groups like IT Hands (@ithands). IT Hands is a full-circle IT services company – this means they design, implement, support, and maintain custom internet solutions for nearly any sized organization. Technology consulting, software development, internet marketing, mobile apps/services, and even print design falls under the specialties offered by IT Hands. We’ll also be having some case studies from them, and possibly some collaborative projects we’ll be able to talk about.

The latest partner that we connected with, and are very excited to see more work alongside, is Symbiota The Fluid Ministry. The Fluid Ministry is a one part an IT consulting firm, and another part a multi-layered communications platform for ministries who are looking to capitalize on mobile, website, branding, and social media activities. The Fluid Ministry has a platform (CrossMRKT) that we are still learning the bits and bolts towards, and offers several webinars monthly which point to areas of enablement, interest, and opportunity around their platform and service offerings. Look forward to those webinars being added to the Mobile Ministry Event Calendar, in addition to other shared events and projects between us upcoming.

Partnering with MMM

As you can tell, we’ve been deliberate in engaging with these partnerships. One of the goals for these partnerships is to bring light to some of the folks whom are working on not just the strategy and theology of mobile ministry, but are helping to make those ideas come to life. On our end, MMM offers over 7 years of experience and leadership in mobile ministry, and more than a 20 years of experience in web and mobile combined towards pushing these efforts forward. Its truly our hope that as a leading voice for what’s happening in mobile ministry, that you can be confident that if we are putting our name with the organization, that we’ve taken the time to pray and investigate why it makes sense to go that route.

That all said, we’ve got some notable gaps, and obvious opportunities. We’d love to partner with organizations who are doing multi-language projects (software, education, or media), cross-media producers/outlets, and even individuals who don’t just have interest in being heard in this space, but who have been able to carve out a niche of demonstrating definitive value for this type of audience. We keep a constant conversation with many groups, and not all might become recommended partners, but many do at least make it to some mention on our site.

Supporting MMM

The other side of partnership is simply supporting MMM. As you can tell, we’ve stayed away from adding ads to the site, and do our best to keep sponsored content from distracting from the purpose of this site to question, move, and experiment at the intersection of faith and mobile technology. However, this is a solo effort, and a good bit of time goes into not just making the content, but developing the relationships, maintaining mobile hardware (we are blessed to have someone who has donated a server and admin of a full WordPress install), and traveling to engagements that point to opportunities. Those things cost, and over the past two years of this being a full-time adventure, there are many items that have fallen off the plate simply because attention had to be taken off of MMM, and put onto keeping a roof over the head. If you would like to contribute financially, there’s a PayPal Donate button in the sidebar, and also on the About page.

Prayer is also appreciated as a means of support. I can’t tell you just how much its meant for many people over the years to just send a message that they’ve prayed for MMM and the work here. Its totally understood that MMM is groundbreaking work for many of you and you would love for God to not just continue things here, but with other groups such as the Mobile Ministry Forum. Prayer and encouragement are daily needs and I (personally) thank you in advance for keeping MMM and the entire mobile ministry effort in mind.

With that said, we’re getting back to the work of things here. Got some neat stuff coming, and many resolutions to hash out. Thanks for joining us at this intersection, and see you the next time the Light causes us to stop and take a look around.

Mobile Ministry Videos

Over the past months, we pointed to a few videos which explain the concept of, talk about projects in, or illustrate the scope of mobile ministry. Here’s a roundup of those videos to date:

Introduction to Mobile Ministry Video from Mobile Advance

Read more about Mobile Advance and the Mobile Ministry Forum.

2011 BibleTech Presentation:  Mobile Ministry: Definition, Contexts, and State of the Body
View Video (Qik)
Read the presentation abstract, or follow along this video presentation by viewing the slide deck.

Chris White Ministries Talks Mobile Ministry

Read more about Chris White Ministries and their work in mobile ministry

Interview with David Palusky of Renew Outreach

Read more about Renew Outreach and their missions/mobile ministry efforts

Mobile Evangelism by Renew Outreach

Read more about Renew Outreach’s Mobile Evangelism work

Equipping the Mobile Evangelist by Kiosk Evangelism

Read more about this practice of mobile evangelism and p2p media transfers.

Chris White Ministries Shows How To Share Swahili Bibles and Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Read more about how this content can be created then shared between mobiles

Ray Comfort and Audio/Video Gospel Tracts

Read more about the GM2:8 App and how it’s being used for evangelism efforts

How the 4th Screen Reinvents the 1st Impression

Read the presentation notes from this VSN talk, and one of our report from the 2009 VSN Leadership Forum.

Are you a ministry/organization that has published a video or some materials about mobile ministry? Connect with us for those mobile ministry (#mobmin) videos you’ve published or seen.

Mobile Ministry Methodology (v1)

For the years that I’ve been looking at this intersection of faith and mobile technology through the lens of MMM, one thing has honestly escaped much of the conversation around the topic: if this intersection is valid, then what do people do to get past that intersection and into some relevant demonstration of their faith. In effect, what’s the method to the madness?

Being able to devote much more time to MMM in the past two (2) years has granted my thinking and action spaces to do just that – figure out the methods and some streams of activity within them. You’ve seen this in part if you’ve followed this site for sometime and watched its evolution. In this post, I kind of want to pull all of that together into what amounts into a mobile ministry methodology. The goal of this methodology is to literally demonstrate the definition of mobile ministry in the midst of practice and application.

Mobile Ministry Sketchnote Mindmap - Share on Ovi

View the #mobmin Methodology