Mobile Ministry Videos

Over the past months, we pointed to a few videos which explain the concept of, talk about projects in, or illustrate the scope of mobile ministry. Here’s a roundup of those videos to date:

Introduction to Mobile Ministry Video from Mobile Advance

Read more about Mobile Advance and the Mobile Ministry Forum.

2011 BibleTech Presentation:  Mobile Ministry: Definition, Contexts, and State of the Body
View Video (Qik)
Read the presentation abstract, or follow along this video presentation by viewing the slide deck.

Chris White Ministries Talks Mobile Ministry

Read more about Chris White Ministries and their work in mobile ministry

Interview with David Palusky of Renew Outreach

Read more about Renew Outreach and their missions/mobile ministry efforts

Mobile Evangelism by Renew Outreach

Read more about Renew Outreach’s Mobile Evangelism work

Equipping the Mobile Evangelist by Kiosk Evangelism

Read more about this practice of mobile evangelism and p2p media transfers.

Chris White Ministries Shows How To Share Swahili Bibles and Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Read more about how this content can be created then shared between mobiles

Ray Comfort and Audio/Video Gospel Tracts

Read more about the GM2:8 App and how it’s being used for evangelism efforts

How the 4th Screen Reinvents the 1st Impression

Read the presentation notes from this VSN talk, and one of our report from the 2009 VSN Leadership Forum.

Are you a ministry/organization that has published a video or some materials about mobile ministry? Connect with us for those mobile ministry (#mobmin) videos you’ve published or seen.