When Does Innovation Matter to Mobile Ministry

Sitting on this side of the mobile ministry discussion, it can at times look as of there is little to no progress happening (mind you, this has been an endeavor since 2004; it’s a distinct perspective). And yet, that really isn’t the case if one were to take into account how change has happened when other behaviorial and technological paradigm shifts have happened:

…The most common response to such griping has been, just wait. Many techno-optimists base their thinking on a famous 1990 paper by economic historian Paul David, which described how, for decades, electricity had little effect on industrial productivity as manufacturers simply swapped out older energy sources for electric power but changed nothing about how they made things. It was only as new factories were built that took advantage of the unique properties of electric motors that a productivity boom ensued. Just give the digital age a bit more time, and you’ll see huge changes (and, one hopes, improvements) in how we work and live…

Read the rest of When Will This Low-Innovation Internet Era End at Wired Mgazine.

The self-speak goes more like, “don’t be discouraged. They will see what you see, and then change will happen quickly.” Be encouraged fellow laborers.

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