2014 Issue 1: Making It Simple

Welcome to a refreshed Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM). Starting this year, we are going back to the simplicity of the issue format. Each month we will be hitting on those points where you can discover, observe, relate, or be released into mobile ministry (#mobmin) efforts. It’s a packed issue, let’s get into it.


If you didn’t know how to connect to mobile ministry events happening around the world, now you do. The #mobmin Event Calendar is an easy-to-subscribe listing of events happening in and around mobile ministry. Its not every tech event, just those which might make the most sense to those of you looking at this intersection of faith and mobile technology.

Learn more and subscribe to the #mobmin Event Calendar.

Have you gotten a new mobile device recently? If so, here are some apps and services which might instigate the right kind of attention towards your mobile:

Next issue, look forward to other recommendations and content choices. And if you’ve got something you think we should highlight, get in touch.


Many ministries and individuals have run to the flickering screens and colorful cases of mobile devices as an avenue for ministry. Where the ministry abounds is usually found in the things in which mobile is supported by.

Read the rest of What’s Lost In the Capturing Attention on Screens at Medium


Did you enjoy this video, or have ideas of other topics. Jump into the discussion using the #mobmin hashtag on your social media service of choice and let’s hear what you’ve got.


A few weeks ago, the latest Mobile Ministry Training Course (facilitated by members of the Mobile Ministry Forum). Here’s a bit about the course just in case you want to sign up the next time:

Each week contains both theoretical and practical elements. The only requirement for students is an Internet connection, computer, and a mobile phone (smart-phone or feature phone). The course covers the following subjects.

Week 1: An Overview of Mobile Ministry. Objective: By the end of this lesson you should be able to have a general understanding of Mobile Ministry, and its place in and potential for the Great Commission.

Week 2: Evangelism and Discipleship using Mobile Platforms. Objective: By the end of this lesson you should be able to apply Mobile Ministry to issues of evangelism and discipleship

Week 3: The Use of Social Media to Share the Gospel and Communicate Truth. Objective: By the end of this lesson you will be able to understand and evaluate a social media strategy for their mobile platform of choice.

Week 4: Mobile Ministry in Remote and Low-Bandwidth Areas. Objective: By the end of this lesson you should be able to know how to use mobile devices for ministry in low-bandwidth situations and how to prepare some basic materials for them.

Week 5: The Use of Mobile Video and Audio for Mobile Phones. Objective: By the end of this lesson you should be able to know how to prepare basic audio and video resources for mobile devices.

Week 6: Basic Principles of Mobile Website Design. Objective: By the end of this week you should be able to understand the need for mobile-friendly websites and be aware of some of the basic design principles and the pragmatics of building a mobile-friendly website.

Course Cost: $55.  Scholarships are available upon request.  Send an explanation email to John Edmiston at Cybermissions.


As stated in the beginning, this is a bit of taking things back to the beginning. Back in 2004, MMM was about a simple, four-page spread meant for pastors and ministry leaders to get a quick insight into mobile. We evolved a lot since then, and in doing so, kind of got away from what makes things simple and easy to digest. Well, this is an attempt to get back into that simplicity of the message – and ability to act on it.

Starting with this issue, look forward to content being given int four parts: discover, observe, relate, and release. With Discover, its about making sure that you are able to find your way into something about mobile ministry which makes the best sense forward. You might not understand the space, but at least you get a roadmapObserve and Relate are designed to help you focus your vision, and find an applicable discussion around a topic essential to mobile ministry. And finally, Release, is for you or your organization to take some key part of what’s been talked about and apply it. This could be as expansive as taking a class, or as intricate as using a service trial to get your ministry mobile.

Hopefully, this will help those in mobile, those in ministry, and those passing through to just get a better (clearer) sense of what mobile ministry is all about. And if it goes well – and I don’t get drained from it – perhaps this becomes something that finally causes MMM to make some hay.

If you are interested in commenting on this, please use any of the contact methods noted. If you’d like to contribute something which could be highlighted, or would like to lend financial support to MMM, please also utilize those contact methods. Consulting services and speaking engagements are available – as are some other limited-service engagements.

Thanks for tuning in. Give it about 4-5 weeks and we’ll try this again. Blessings and kind regards.