What’s On Deck for MMM?

Today's Office: A Shift from a Leaderless Past (Starbucks, iPad Mini, Apple Watch Sport)

Having firmly entered 2016, we can start looking at a few things on deck for the Spring (and not-so-far-beyond):

There are a few more speaking engagements and conferences that we are angling to attend – but also consumed with a pretty large project (not MMM-related). MMM is also now a part of LightSys Technology Services (a member of the LightSys Associates Network) and so there will be some other engagements coming soon – some of which can be talked about, others not so.

In terms of hardware, there’s some shared thoughts of the BibleBox pending, and we should probably talk wearables at some point (having gone from activity trackers, to the Samsung Gear S, to an Apple Watch, there might be something worth detailing there). Lots to come. Stay tuned, or catch us in the streams.