ICCM Australia 2015 Keynote 2: A Theology of Mobile Ministry

A little more than a few weeks ago, MMM’s founder was invited to take part in the 2015 ICCM Australia Conference as its keynote speaker. There, he gave several keynotes on the topic of mobile ministry. The first, A Future of Everything, was linked to previously. The second is linked to on this post: A Theology of Mobile Ministry.

First the video:

Remember, you can view all of the keynotes given at ICCM AU via this link of the entire playlist.

Found out about a technical issue with the video which has it cutting off before the end of the timer; this issue has been noted, however the video is still being shared.

Slides of the keynotes have been posted on SlideShare as well. This is the slide deck (exported from Keynote on the iPad) for this talk:

The video recording was done using the soon-coming Jolla Tablet; of which I am using a development device (on-loan, for testing purposes). The video shown is unedited from that device other than correcting the orientation.