ICCM Australia Keynote 3: Exploring the Shift from Content to Context

Its been great sharing with you the various keynote sessions shared at the 2015 ICCM Australia Confernce. In this third keynote, we open up the technical sessions of the day by talking towards the shift in computing from simply serving content to embracing the context of use.

Talk abstract:

If we believe that mobile ministry is an applicable avenue for understanding and continuing in the development of faith efforts in the 21st century, we might want to explore the shift the major medium of the age – mobile – is taking in going from being content led to context led from application, service delivery, and media delivery points of view.

Here is the video:

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The video recording was done using the soon-coming Jolla Tablet; of which I am using a development device (on-loan, for testing purposes). The video shown is unedited from that device other than correcting the orientation. There is a noted issue with the videos which is being explored by the Jolla team.

And here are the slides for that talk.

I did these slides with Apple’s Keynote completely on my iPad Mini 3. In order to upload to SlideShare, had to expire to MS PowerPoint. The issues with such a transformation to share are very apparent on this deck.
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