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Exploring A Different Kind of Mobility with the Samsung Gear S

Samsung GearS and Chromebook 11

For a number of years I’ve been of the persuasion that mobile will eventually get into wearable form factors. Over the past year the complimentary wearable, the smartwatch has been introduced. And while there are various options on the need for it, it’s hard to deny that it is a piece of fashionable and contextual technology that’s  just  opening our eyes to the next steps for mobile. I’ve reviewed the Samsung Gear S with a hope of figuring out the direction of the product and the space:

For some, the Samsung Gear S will feel a lot like an Apple Watch that isn’t as polished, or aPebble that needs a little more time in the hand before being skipped across the water. For others, the Gear S will shine a light on just how little of a conventional mobile phone is needed, and where the real meat of mobile computing lies. The Gear S fits and doesn’t because of these and other points — it needs just a bit more polish, just a bit more follow-through. And less reliance on Android to help it meet its eventual purpose of being a better connected device that keeps you connected without distracting you from the life around you you are connected with.

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