Bible Apps for Memorization and Spiritual Growth at Church Tech Today

While it’s true that the writing here has not met the frequency of previous years, that doesn’t mean that MMM isn’t publishing. Of one of the arenas to find MMM contributing, Church Tech Today, sits pretty highly. In our most recent contribution, we talk about apps and approaches for bible memorization and spiritual growth:

For many people, reading the Bible is enjoyable, but trying to get to that point where you can remember specific verses which talk about specific subjects is not something that happens quickly. Because it was a little easier for me, it took a long time before I realized that there were certain learning methods, or just ways that I was reading and studying the scripture that made it possible for me to have such an active recall. Now that we are firmly into the mobile [age], scripture recall has become another subject where people are looking for ways of improving on old methods.

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Videocast for March ’16

Some weeks back, a friend asked what happened to the videos we posted and I explained that it was more or less an experiment. While I wasn’t sure if doing videos as often would return, it would be someone to explore from time to time because some subjects are best served with moving pictures. Well, this post feels like one of those. Continue reading

Apps for Lent (or Not)

During a recent TheoTek (Episode 55), one of the parts of the conversations brought up the yearly topic of apps for Lent. And while some of our Christian brothers and sisters might not have much knowledge about the reason for (or practices within) Lent – my history in the Roman Catholic Church has marked this as something that’s not easily forgotten, and usually puts me in the right mindset as the Winter season concludes.

Many, many years back, we created a Bible Apps list. Mostly because finding bible apps was hard, there were no usable app stores for many of you, and it just made sense in terms of getting some traffic this direction. The BIble Apps page is very much out of date now – lots of folks have moved from app listings to recommended apps – but we’ve kept it up as it does present a decent start for many folks. As such, this page was expanded to include many faith-based app genres not so easily seen in app stores. Of note, we added Lent and Advent apps because there’s something of a place for them…

…or is there?

Much of the conversation around Lent revolves around setting some areas of discipline that we usually don’t have. Traditionally, that’s not partaking in some foods. In modern times, that’s extended to removing yourself from food, media, people, and even technology tools. So when I’m asked, “what kinds of apps for Lent would you recommend,” it becomes something of a challenge. To one degree, having an app that assists with remembering the Stations of the Cross, Daily/Weekly devotionals, etc. makes sense. On the other hand, it might speak to possibly letting aspects (if not the entire computer/mobile/social network/etc.) go for 40 days.

This isn’t a dozen years ago (when MMM got started). The conversation about the place for digital/connected devices and services has certainly moved past simpler times. Yet, there is this part of the conversation that’s worth having – and probably moreso now that we are seeing clearer how mobile (and connected services) bridge digital and spiritual worlds and behaviors. Where pastor-teachers, academics, etc. need to continue to steer this conversation is not so much whether Lent has a place or not in this age, but how its place is better understood. And if those faith leaders aren’t having that conversation – again, not all faiths observe Lent – perhaps it does make sense to reserve this time as a place to have those discussions on the ethics and behaviors of connectivity.

Better than having the discussion is to actually move towards a direction. You can continue in the newly formed digital traditions and invest in Lent apps and services with the knowledge that not everyone is going to understand or go with you. Or, you can take this time away from connected spaces, so that you better tap into the ethereal leanings of the faith-as-lived.

Courses to Improve Your Digital Ministry Acumen

One of the better outcomes over the years in being involved with MMM has been when seemingly random groups of people have also crossed paths and we find that we don’t just want to do digital ministry, we are also invested in making sure that digital ministry practices are developed and shared with others. Sometimes, these are no more than some occasional informal gatherings. Other times, they have become sub-movements within themselves – offering not just a place to fellowship, but opportunities to be reequipped. Continue reading

Snowed In Does Not Mean Snowed Out of Fellowship

Stop Sign on Snow Day 2014

Am writing this during the weekend where much of the Northeast (and some of the Southeast) of the USA is reeling from a 18-30 inches (1.25-2.5m) of snow. I just received a message from one church on how they are cancelling service in order to maintain some of the wisdom of keeping folks off the road. And while I do agree with keeping folks from driving in dangerous moments, many of our weather-cancellation messages just stop at “don’t come out this week, we’ll pick up next week.” In this age of connected devices and services, perhaps we can encourage pastors and their communities to do/expect better. Continue reading

TheoTek Episode 51: Talking AirStream

Part of the reason there’s not been as much happening directly on the site is because there’s been a concerted effort to expand the MMM brand/knowledge through other channels. One of those channels has been the TheoTek weekly (Google) hangout. Featuring Kevin Purcell (Gotta Be Mobile), Rick Mansfield (Accordance, This Lamp), Wes Allen (Painfully Hopeful), myself, and LaRosa Johnson (Olive Tree, Urban Scholar) – we aim to feature topics relating to computer technologies and practices used in our local churches. Continue reading

Mobile Ministry at #Urbana15

Urbana app on display at LightSys booth during #Urbana15

A happy 2016 to all of you and welcome back to Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM). It has certainly been a long time since there’s been an article here – not as long for the video posts, which won’t go away – but definitely been a good while. So welcome back – and let’s talk a bit about the Urbana 2015 Student Missions Conference and our presence there. Continue reading

ICCM Australia Keynote 3: Exploring the Shift from Content to Context

Its been great sharing with you the various keynote sessions shared at the 2015 ICCM Australia Confernce. In this third keynote, we open up the technical sessions of the day by talking towards the shift in computing from simply serving content to embracing the context of use.

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ICCM Australia 2015 Keynote 2: A Theology of Mobile Ministry

A little more than a few weeks ago, MMM’s founder was invited to take part in the 2015 ICCM Australia Conference as its keynote speaker. There, he gave several keynotes on the topic of mobile ministry. The first, A Future of Everything, was linked to previously. The second is linked to on this post: A Theology of Mobile Ministry.

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