Courses to Improve Your Digital Ministry Acumen

One of the better outcomes over the years in being involved with MMM has been when seemingly random groups of people have also crossed paths and we find that we don’t just want to do digital ministry, we are also invested in making sure that digital ministry practices are developed and shared with others. Sometimes, these are no more than some occasional informal gatherings. Other times, they have become sub-movements within themselves – offering not just a place to fellowship, but opportunities to be reequipped.

The most recent of these that we’ve come across is Indigitous Steps:

Indigitous Steps is an eight-week, virtual program designed to provide pathways and community to the digital specialist who desires to use his/her unique digital skills (code, craft, design, draw, strategize) for the Great Commission.

Only came across this because of a conversation that’s been happening over Slack called Kingdom Builders. Now that conversation has a lot going on within it – everything from a question of the week, to folks talking about upcoming projects, to folks looking for projects to jump into, and on and on.

If you aren’t familiar with Slack, its IRC-met-email-met-notifications-met-“a friendly programmable robot that does stuff” that integrates with several of your favorite web services (Dropbox, Google, etc.). What I’ve liked about Slack is the ability to carry several kinds of conversations while merging other elements that happen in the course of those conversations (snippets to other sites, tweets, integrated calendar for doing meetings, etc.). Also, Slack really drives to whatever point of attention works best for you. If you like email it does that, if you prefer mobile notifications it does that, if you prefer browser-based notifications it does that – but it only does the notifications you deem that make sense. Am currently in Slack convos for ICCM, TheoTek, and the aforementioned Kingdom Builders – and really close to pushing MMM that direction for primary conversations too.

If you know of some other open-ish Slack groups, give is a poke via Twitter (@mobileminmag)

Another space where you can gather around some like-minded digital ministry folks is the Mobile Ministry Training Course. The Mobile Ministry Training Course is a quarterly session – but the conversations can (and do) go a bit longer.

The Mobile Ministry Training Course is a four-week, online course available to help introduce any Christian to ministry opportunities using mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Now, I’m pretty certain that registration for the current course is closed, however if you check out the Mobile Ministry Forum website, you should be able to jump into conversations either via the MMF Blog, Twitter (via #mobmin hashtag), or Facebook.

There are tons of other groups out there (like our good friends at Internet Evangelism Day). But, these were some of the folks who dropped in from the notification shade recently. Find ways to get involved via these or other channels. And do note, you’ll largely need to find you own way to the conversations that build you and your digital ministry skills best. Still, finding your way to a good conversation is a great way to see what the Body is up to. Have at it.