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Mobile and Social Tools for Small Groups

This year, I found myself back moving back to an area of the United States where I previously had strong ties of a large, local church. One of the reasons those ties were so strong was the intentionality that ministry had on making sure that all members (and guests) could connect to the community through small groups. While small groups are not new, what I have found is that making the connection point relatable to the individual goes a long way to ensure that they develop socially, mentally, and spiritually.

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Visualizing the Next Decade of Church Tech

I thought it good to take a look at four areas of tech currently in the news and relate them to how the church community might engage or respond to them: messaging, Virtual Reality/Artificial Reality, wearables, and AI. Some of what I consider cutting edge might actually happen. Other thoughts might just be ramblings that come from thinking too early about these and other topics. Nevertheless, when we engage the potential for the church to transform culture, it’s never too early to consider what might be with the tools coming up in front of us now.

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Bible Apps for Memorization and Spiritual Growth at Church Tech Today

While it’s true that the writing here has not met the frequency of previous years, that doesn’t mean that MMM isn’t publishing. Of one of the arenas to find MMM contributing, Church Tech Today, sits pretty highly. In our most recent contribution, we talk about apps and approaches for bible memorization and spiritual growth:

For many people, reading the Bible is enjoyable, but trying to get to that point where you can remember specific verses which talk about specific subjects is not something that happens quickly. Because it was a little easier for me, it took a long time before I realized that there were certain learning methods, or just ways that I was reading and studying the scripture that made it possible for me to have such an active recall. Now that we are firmly into the mobile [age], scripture recall has become another subject where people are looking for ways of improving on old methods.

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