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Speaking at The Geek Fest Nov 14th

Coming up in about a week, MMM’s Founder and Primary Voice – Antoine RJ Wright – will be speaking at an event called The Geek Fest, hosted by Central Piedmont Community College. Here’s a bit more about that event:

THE Geek Festival (TGF) is an exciting and eclectic annual celebration of the “geek” in all of us; an event designed to educate, energize, and inspire the minds of our students and the community through highlighting the constant creative innovations in technology, media, and industry. It not only recognizes the imaginative efforts made by individuals and companies in their respective fields but also provides a venue through which we can explore the technologies that have become so integral in our everyday lives as well as those that are new and foreign. Geek is chic; not only that, it is everywhere.

And about what Antoine’s presenting, here’s the title and abstract:

What Mobile Experiences Are Left?
A lot of what we think about mobile has been shaped by the entertainment industry’s imaginations, manufacturer’s designs and marketing, and the wonderment of friends and family. In light of that, it almost seems like there’s nothing else left for mobile to unveil. I think mobile has a bit left to unveil. This talk will explore what’s happened and what’s to come, and why its not so far away from your fingertips.

If it sounds like fun, that’s because it will be. The Geek Fest has a lot of exhibitors from the Charlotte area, as well as several national and international orgs. If you are a ministry and looking to sponsor – presentation slots are likely filled up – you’ll want to get in touch with them via their website. As for attending, its free, so just come on out and check out an intersection of education and technology.

For these and other events, check out the #mobmin Event Calendar.