ICCM 2012, iOS/WinPhone/Android/HTML5 Presentation

Am currently attending ICCM USA 2012. This is basically a tech retreat/conference for those who have a passion for or work in tech and missions. Though, there’s actually a nice contingent of non-mission and BAM (business as mission)-like folks here too.

MMM is up to present at few times at this conference. Our first topic, which should be in progress right as this is going up, is a talk detailing the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphone platforms – with some comparision to HTML5 approaches for apps/services too.

Presentation Link

If I do good, I’ll also get to finish the drawing that I did that was to accompany this deck.

There’s also one or two more presentations happening. Stay tuned to Twitter (either @mobileminmag or #ICCM) for updates and links to anything additional. So far, I’ve already demoed the instance of TiddlyWiki that I have running on the web server that’s on my phone. Definitely want to keep up a bit of a pace towards some of the items done here over the years that might spark some refresh for the folks here.

And if you could, a bro definitely needs some prayer for items outside of ICCM that have some effect on my time here. The theme of the conference is spritual reboot. Weirdly enough, its attributed to me as the one who suggested it. I’m in need of that and a good bit more.