ICCM 2012, Mobile Apps for Ministry [Sketchnote]

Continuing with some of the sessions done at the ICCM Conference, I was a facilitator for the BOF (birds of a feather) session talking about mobile apps for missions. This was essentially a conversation about what’s out there, what’s missing, what’s needed, and then any tangents those questions cause. Here is the Sketchnote I took during that time:

ICCM BOF Mobile Apps for Missions Sketchnote

The app idea towards the end (an app/service to better do contact management and donation management for individual missionaries) was pretty neat. I think that is something which might really have a chance of happening, if some of the political ends of it can be answered.

That was the 3rd session that I led in some fashion for the day. I was totally wiped out when that day was done, and yet, I think that kind of intensity of participation was needed from me.