The Present is Mobile, The Future Asks How You Understand Mobility

Was reading a few items at the end of a day during the ICCM conference and came across his article at the Harvard Business Review:

…To avoid “blood­shed” in mobile, learn from past lessons in Web, dig­i­tal and social. Improve your under­stand­ing of the nuances of mobil­i­ty and mobile behav­iors before you ramp up your invest­ment in mobile. Resist the temp­ta­tion to rely too much on a guru; hir­ing a guru will only take your orga­ni­za­tion so far. Many of the orga­ni­za­tions who brought in “social media gurus” learned this les­son the hard way. A sin­gle indi­vid­ual can­not scale. How­ev­er, if the orga­ni­za­tion is will­ing to put real teeth behind their mobile efforts, a sin­gle smart per­son can help form a cen­ter of excel­lence. Estab­lish­ing a cen­ter of excel­lence that puts mobil­i­ty at the core, and inte­grates it with other busi­ness ini­tia­tives, can get a busi­ness think­ing about mobile more strate­gi­cal­ly…

Read the rest of The Future Isn’t About Mobile; It’s About Mobility at the Harvard Business Review

The article goes into something we have said for a long time, it’s not so much that you need to know mobile, you need to know and maneuver the tech and channel of mobile around the behaviors that make sense with it. Meaning, know what mobility means and then when you go mobile that you use the right skills and methods.

Funny too, because I talked with a few folks this week about how to best create more people like myself. I am not enough to help understand mobile, but we all doing offer parts makes mobility of this faith the return to the way it was done when God walked with us.