From the Garden to the City Blog Tour

book cover image: From the Garden to the City, via John Dyer - Don't Eat the FruitWe talked a few weeks ago about the John Dyer’s book, From the Garden to the City and now we’d like to let you know of a blog tour that’s going on featuring several blogs – including this one.

Sparked and led by Church Mag, for the next few months, several sites will be taking a look at the individual chapters of From the Garden to the City and offering comments about the book and how it intersects with their efforts in ministry and/or technology.

The first post – the Introduction – comes from Church Mag. Following posts will be posted according to the blog tour schedule.

We’re glad that MMM can be a part of talking about John’s exciting new book and hope that you would also look into following along as we and others take an in-depth look at how we respond to this intersection of faith and technology.