A Picture of MMM Life

Yesterday, I tweeted that I’d been in four cities and spent more than five hours driving between them, not to mention the work happening in each. I didn’t say it to advance anything except to give something of a picture of how much we live and breathe this mobile technology. Believe me, our way of doing life, work, and ministry is not normal.

For example, there are several times when we are doing a Skype (voice) conference call while in transit from one venue to another. This isn’t because of lack of planning, but because of what is possible with a mobile device, data connection, and handsfree controls.

Other times, it could simply be the manner in which we seem to be in several states (USA) in a month. I try to not be too crazy with it, but when your friend’s and family preface SMS and calls with “hi, what state are you in,” it can be pretty fun. Logistically, we do about 12-15 days a month of traveling. And that could be for connections, speaking, trainings, or consulting. In terms of distance, well, let’s just say we go far.

MMM is funded by those activities though. And so, when there is some extended break in projects, there can be a bit of a hard time. I’d like to say that it is easy, but the past year plus has been a constant devotional of learning to trust God and not my wallet. Seems like an easy lesson, but in this, I can see where the disciples had questions about Jesus’ practicality, not his divinity.

Beyond those moments, there is a good bit of attention to quiet and resting times. I let go of this site and it’s efforts every Saturday. I need that break. On the other days, I try to engage in biking or some other activity that puts me in front of God for devoted conversation and refilling. In a very real sense, those moments are the mountains away from the work.

But, then it’s back to work. Whether we are in a coffee shop writing (like right now) or leading a client towards mobile and communications moments, the hope is that this effort helps to relate the love of Christ in such a way that people don’t just point to our activity and say we serve Christ, but the also get a chance to build relationships that are genuine expressions of it.

Do we have a relationship with you? Can the insights here help you or your organization move into mobile? If so, drop us a hello either via the contact page or on Twitter (@mobileminmag). We are always up for traveling and connecting.