Technology as the (C)reator’s Material

Came across this article recently which chose to look at technology as something different than simply the capacity of it’s end-parts. Here’s a snippet:

…We understand materials not by reading about them, or assuming what they can do, but by exploring them, playing with them, sketching with them. Ideally, that sketching happens in the final material, but perhaps, like a sculptor sketching on paper, it happens in abstractions such as paper-prototyping. What matters is that you find a way. Sketching is not just about building towards a final work; it’s about building familiarity with a medium itself, working it into one’s practice.

As creators, we must feel our materials – even if we are not the ones using them in the end.

The sculpture analogy is again useful. For centuries, sculptors have worked with the aid of others in their studios and workshops, to produce large works. But despite drawing on the expertise of others, they must be skilled in their chosen mediums themselves…

Read the entire article at Infovore.

Tech isn’t just the hardware, software, or services, but the process and behaviors that we take into those elements. Can mobile, when it intersects with faith, derive a different or more God-affirming activity because it mimic God’s creative intents?