Refocusing Perspectives

Mobile Ministry Forum - Share on OviThere are a few ways that we can look at mobile in respect to this intersection with faith or faith-based endeavors. Usually speaking, we look at mobile from two perspectives: either it is a lifestyle choice, or it is something very much embedded into the fabric of our respective cultures.

One of the challenges that keeps me on the brink of sanity (seriously) is successfully conveying either if these perspectives to audiences that may or may not see mobile in this wise. Mobile as a lifestyle choice doesn’t look at it’s intersection to faith but more like what mobile looks like appended to faith. In this perspective, mobile looks like bible applications, reading plans, communication strategies, and technical pursuits. On the other hand, when mobile is a part of your culture, you less think about these layered interactions but more about enhanced features such as mobile health, mobile finance, etc.

Notice the difference? Hence the struggle and the fun of this endeavor.

Here are some thoughts on approaches from Mobile Marketing Magazine to get you started on thinking and chatting:

  • Do you look at mobile similar to the desktop?
  • Where are your best practices and specific focuses in mobile?
  • Are your users/clients ready?

There are six approach ideas listed there. So, what perspective do you take when you are a ministry or organization leader? How do you identify what is the right approach, and then what steps are next?