MMM at BibleTech 2011

BibleTech logoJust got the confirmation the other day that my (Antoine) speaking proposal for the 2011 BibleTech Conference was accepted and all signs point to there being a third iteration of MMM presenting at this exciting and engaging conference.

BibleTech is an opportunity to hear from analysts, educators, developers, and missionaries who are in and around web and mobile issues that relate to the study and understanding of God’s Word. In between the sessions are several discussions and engagements unlike what happens at other conferences. And if last year was any indication, there’s going to be a ton of people interested in not just what’s possible with the tech, but where the leaders in this space are going next.

The title of MMM’s topic is “Mobile Ministry: Definition, Contextual Applications, and State of the Body.” As with previous presentations, expect a ton of information, and some neat interactive surprises. This presentation builds on our previous presentations at this event (2009, 2010) and will take what was started here as a definition of mobile ministry and add some context around it.

Looking forward to seeing you there.