Its Been A Long Time

Gosh, its been a long time since a post has gone up. More than a month really, and that’s not even counting that latest experiment with Dave Winer’s Fargo. Lots of thoughts about going forward, and in the meantime, trying to keep at task with some of the items at hand.

There’s a bit of a resetting to the entire site that’s being undertaken. I don’t even know that the blog will stay when its all said and done. I’m feeling that one of the original goals for MMM – to find out what the Body is doing at the intersection of faith and mobile tech – has mostly been met. And if so, its possible that MMM serves better in a capacity like MobMin.Info rather than the ruminations and observations of primarily one person.

Nothing has been decided yet. And like the tweet says, there are items still on the plate and things which need to be completed regardless of the decision. Its been a long time since simply posing the question and letting it speak for itself. Perhaps, this is something that time must now assign to my plate again as well.

At the intersection of faith and mobile, how do you respond?