MobMin.Info As the Real MMM

This time where WordPress has been acting up has given me a good deal to think about in reference to MMM. Part of that has had to do with the actual activity that goes into MMM – from research, to networking, to writing. That’s a lot of work. But, this site, or at least an aspect of how things have evolved, has been as a destination and “searching-from” point. That’s meant for several changes and evolutions over the years, and with one change in particular that seems like its a better evolution for MMM than some other items: MobMin.Info

MobMin.Info started as a response to a few comments and questions from the conversations and meetings that ended up becoming the Mobile Ministry Forum. While there was not a lot of information about mobile ministry (#mobmin) out there, there was a difficulty in finding that information and then acting on it. I took a look at everything that I’d done with MMM to date, and then cross-referenced it with the actions of a few other notable sites that specifically focused on mobile ministry, and then created this (simple-ish) page. Its actually a page that can sit on one’s mobile device until they clear their browser cache (aka, it acts like an app even though its a webpage). This made a lot of sense.

It is a good starting point. I was able to take that work and even evolve aspects of MMM into its own HTML web app (replacing the attention we paid to making apps for each and every platform out there). Making that page also seemed to endear some good-will towards other folks who are doing mobile ministry activities, but not quite at that place of having something that was ready to be released. In a sense, they know if it was able to be found by something on MobMin.Info, they’d be found.

Then, earlier this week, a friend poked that they had an issue getting to MobMin.Info. I had not realized that some of the server issues might have effected that page as well – specifically many of the links that pointed to MMM’s content on that page. That made for a deeper look into why things are down, and a refreshed look the reasons for MMM and why MobMin.Info makes a lot of sense from a key-destination standpoint.

Many people just want the answer now. They want it packaged. And in some cases, they want someone else to have already done the work. MobMin.Info was a lot like getting to that point. It makes sense for the person who just needs to get on board quickly and have a contact point to move forward. As I look at what it will take for MMM to get back on deck, perhaps I need to also pay attention to resetting the starting point of the conversation. From there, being not just info, but info that points to the purpose of moving the conversation forward more directly.