Resolutions Checkup for July/August ’13

august 2013 calendar 1

Now here’s a feature that we’ve not done in a number of months. And even with the monthly videos kind of doing a little work here in terms of stepping into this, a resolutions checkup is well overdue. Its the end of July now, and August is just a few days away, we’ll just combine these into one summer checkup and rock from there.

As a review, here are the resolutions we set forth at the beginning of the year:

  1. Explain, emphasize, and demonstrate the theological underpinnings to mobile ministry
  2. Detail and expand on knowledge of Non-English Language/Cultural expressions of mobile ministry
  3. Increase number of and collaboration with ministry partners
  4. Refine and release v2 of the Mobile Ministry Methodology
  5. Embed Mobile, Not Mobile As Layer

Number one on the listing can officially be checked off now that we’ve done what’s probably the first fleshed out conversation/presentation of A Theology of Mobile Ministry (at ICCM USA in June). Any theology worth starting is worth developing further. I’m interested to seeing/hearing how others will be formulating similar as they travel through this mobile ministry space.

No question that we’ve got to pick up the pace on #2. That’s something which came up in a response to the Mobile Ministry Course at Cybermissions (that class is almost done), and definitely needs to be talked about a lot more – not just talked about either. With the conferences/workshops yet to happen this year, there’s a good chance they will be.

We’ve still been active connecting with local, regional, and global ministries. Slower than what a fully-funded ministry can do, but definitely not falling slack on the opportunities. Some of that fruit will hopefully come forward soon – even if some of the things happening didn’t make their way to an expected end. That’s a big challenge with this effort – connecting with ministries is great, but there’s also a need to make sure that no one is spinning wheels trying to see where those synergies are.

Number 4 is slower to happen. And there’s a good chance that it will get done before the end of the year. But, there’s a lot that has to put into that initial effort if its going to be as polished and useful as it could be.

That last one is not so much a resolution as its a perspective and intention. I’ve mentioned before how just with my personal devices, I’m moving to something more than just mobile as a window to things – when mobile can enable you to move forward, or push someone else forward, that’s when the tech is really magical. I think that with the depth of platforms and devices I’m using now, I’m seeing that mobile isn’t that layer – but also that there’s a lot that needs to be done with UX in order for a better reality with this to be realized.

So, that’s not a bad place with just over half the year done. There’s a lot of work in mobile ministry to be done, and MMM isn’t the only participant. Hopefully, you are moving well on the resolutions and vision-casting that you put forth for 2013. This isn’t a time to reset the journey, but it might be the time to get back in step with what was once so clear to you and God.