Resolutions Checkup for October

2012 calendar from Just Calendar
Somewhere during October, we realized that we had not checked in with the resolutions in September as we had been doing in the previous months. Let’s go ahead and correct that by first taking a look at the resolutions we’ve made:

  1. An App is Not A Strategy
  2. Specifically Define Mobile in Education
  3. Get Connected to Tech, Mobile, and Mobile Ministry Events
  4. All Books Project and Mobile UX Standards and Raising the Bar on Mobile UX Standards
  5. Become a Digital Faith Advocate

Back in August, we talked about some pretty good successes. Seems like the momentum has been going pretty well here and it looks like in terms of progress towards answering what happens at this intersection of faith and mobility, that we are seeing that strategy, conversation, and collaboration tend to go a long way. Hopefully, your resolutions have also been able to stand up to the year’s events and intrusions and you’ve been able to also see some steps forward.

Just a few more months left in the year and then we can summarize the impact of all of these.