Has Your Ministry Started Doing Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing image
A neat piece over at MobiThinking talking about the beginning steps for doing mobile marketing has been published:

The mobile phone is an incredibly versatile device. It can take photos and videos, and send them anywhere in the world, instantly. Many devices know where you are, the more advanced ones even know in which direction you are facing. A quick search on the mobile Web will help you find the nearest branch of your favorite store or restaurant chain and a mapping app will guide you there. A well-targeted offer via mobile ad or SMS might tempt you into this outlet rather than another. In store, you can compare the price of a product here with prices elsewhere simply by scanning the barcode on the packaging. When a print, TV or outdoor ad interests you, mobile gives you the chance to find out more, sign-up, interact or make a purchase there and then.

With virtually all consumers carrying a mobile phone in their pocket all the time, it’s no wonder that all shrewd marketers are looking to engage with customers via mobile, but with a bewildering choice of options, and numerous pitfalls, it is understandable that companies don’t know where to start. These basic tips will help you get your mobile strategy started off on the right foot.

Here are those tips in summary:

  • Seek Permission
  • Start with the Strategy
  • Build A Mobile Website
  • The Power of App
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Loyality Tool
  • Location-Based Services
  • Measure It

Read the full article at MobiThinking.

What have you or your ministry had success with? Any areas where going mobile would be great, but you are having issues?