Upcoming Conferences: Biola Digital Ministry, ICCM, and More

If you’ve been paying attention to the wealth of events noted on the #mobmin (mobile ministry) calendar, you’d know that its been a pretty rocking time in terms of conferences as the spring as worn on. With summer meetings just around the corner, we wanted to let you know of two upcoming conferences we’ll be attending – with the hope that you’ll come out to one or both and join for conversation, networking, and knowledge sharing.

Biola Digital Ministry Conference (June 5-7)

The Biola Digital Ministry Conference is designed to empower individuals with the vision, knowledge, and relationships necessary to be thoughtful designers, developers, and practitioners of digital technologies for the cause of Christ.

This conference features 14 speakers, a Digital Ministry Hack-a-thon, and sessions grouped around technology and practical applications. Besides the weather, I’d recommend attending this conference if you are looking to hear not just what’s happening in the digital ministry space, but also how to position you/your ministry/your organizations for future trends and disruptions. There’s the Biola Digital Blog featuring some of this year’s speakers to give you a taste of what to expect in this year’s conference.

For more information and to register, visit the Biola Digital Ministry Conference website.

International Conference on Computing and Mission – aka ICCM (July 16-20)

The International Conference on Computing and Mission (ICCM) is an annual informal (NO ties allowed) gathering of women and men who have a common interest in computers and mission. We share a vision of cooperation for effective use of technology, bringing the Gospel to every nation.

If there was a geek fest specifically for ministry, ICCM would totally fit as a great sounding call. Feeling one part like an IT retreat and another like an IT refresh station, ICCM is very unique from other conference formats in that it (a) happens over the course of the middle of the week, (b) emphasizes spiritual fellowship and accountability as much as IT and (c) offers a unique opportunity to hear from those persons working in ministry support areas as easily as you hear from those who do more strategy-focused activities. Moving to Colorado Springs, CO this year (from its usual location at Taylor University in Indiana), there seems to be a neat energy about the connections and sessions happening.

From poke that I got via Twitter yesterday, there may still be some time to take advantage of early-bird registration. For more information, including learning more about the other ICCM events happening (Europe and Australia), visit the ICCM website.

Other Events this Month to Take Note Of:

  • CTIA (mid-week conference sponsored largely by mobile ) began today; news and press releases will be trickling out throughout the day (check out relevant highlights using Twitter and the #ctia, #ctia12, and #mobmin hashtags)
  • The Christian Media Conference starts tomorrow (5/9) in Australia (Gold Coast)
  • Mobilism starts 5/10 in Amsterdam
  • eLearning Africa and the Open Mobile Summit happen in the 2nd half of this month.

For more information about these and other events, add the #mobmin (mobile ministry) calendar to your bookmarks, favorites, or RSS reader.

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