[Video] Chris While Ministries Talks Mobile Ministry

Was sent this video a little bit ago from Chris White Ministries. We’ve talked some with them previously about their efforts towards distributing electronic Bibles to pastors in Kenya and India as the cost of doing so with paper Bibles stretched budgets and capacities thin. In this video, Chris talks about mobile ministry as he will be applying it on an upcoming ministry trip, including some good tips about paying attention to the types of devices those pastors will use, the type of training that would be able to be provided, a mobile content strategy using Phone Publish, and some distribution strategies ussing Bluetooth and WiFi.

The items talked about in this video are happening in several areas, but are most often being put into practice in developing nations. Within the Kiosk Evangelism Project we explored using items talked about here in both developed and emerging nations. We’ll have some more case studies from them to publish soon.

If you have questions on anything in this video, definitely put those in the comments here or directly to Chris White Ministries. Mobile Ministry is happening. This is the intersection and what one of the many responses to it can look like. How do you want to step into this?

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    Great information. Would love to hear an updated report. One
    area of clarification:

    is a major language, not a dialect, spoken by over 4 million people in the western part of Kenya, not
    western Africa.