So How Are Your Mobile Ministry Resolutions Going?

2012 calendar from Just CalendarDuring the month of January, we posted six articles which corresponded to five resolutions suitable for those working in and around mobile ministry. Being that this is one of those days that happens once every four years (on the Gregorian calendar), how about we just take it as a day to reflect on those resolutions and any progress made towards them.

Here are the items we posted:

  1. An App is Not A Strategy
  2. Specifically Define Mobile in Education
  3. Get Connected to Tech, Mobile, and Mobile Ministry Events
  4. All Books Project and Mobile UX Standards and Raising the Bar on Mobile UX Standards
  5. Become a Digital Faith Advocate

How are you doing with these? Are you finding some more difficult to work through than others? Any that you’ve thought, “oh yea, I’d like to do something like that,” but haven’t made any progress towards?