Church Tech Today’s 6 Great Church Tech Blogs, MMM Refresher

Church Tech Today logoChurch Tech Today that we were included with five (5) other websites named as great resources in terms of church tech blogs. What’s really nice about this listing is that it covers almost all aspects of IT as it relates to the church (local, global, mobile, social media, services, etc.). Its really a great listing, and a few of these sites we’ve profiled here before:

  1. PastorGear
  2. Church Tech Matters
  3. Church Mag
  4. Church Techy
  5. Church Tech Arts
  6. MMM

We’d encourage you to check out all of the sites notes on the Church Tech Today post, and be sure to leave a comment there towards other resources you might know of and use online. There’s definitely a body of things happening that’s worth keeping track of.

A Refresher About MMM
Given that inclusion on the list, and some good trends happening lately towards an increasing number of visitors, this is also a good opportunity to give a quick refresher as to what MMM is and what are some of the things you can find here.

First, this is who we are:

Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) is online magazine asking questions, presenting approaches, and experimenting around stories related to the implications of faith and mobile technologies.

There’s more on our about page including the history, notes about where we’ve been, and how MMM fits into this picture of faith and technology.

We’ve got (probably) the most comprehensive listing of Bible and religious apps, a listing of mobile web and application services for buiding your own products, and a page full of cases studies, resources, and metrics towards web and mobile tech. Beyond those items, we keep a pretty updated media page which has our issues, presentations, and experiments and another which is simply a tag cloud of all of the tags we’ve used on articles.

In terms of keeping track with MMM, there’s this website, our mobile website, a Twitter account (@mobileminmag), an RSS feed, and even an ability to get posts emailed to you via Feedburner. While we do have a few apps, these are regarded as experiments moreso than primary engagements (or content model doesn’t fit within the need for a native app), though we tend to do a number of these just to check out mobile platforms and the content management systems which bolster their use.

Its a bit much. But, its done so that you have something to build on when you want to learn more about, or advance your ministry/organization towards mobile practicies which are more respective of your faith/ethics questions than some others. If we are missing something, or you’ve got something you’d like to add, let us know. Or, like with the Church Tech Today post, just add us on your website so that others can take advantage of anything good here you’ve found, and then we’ll find you and make a reason for the Body to come together (John 17:20-27).