Rejected Jesus, But Took the Video Clips

kiosk evangelism passing messages to mobile in hindi villageA good deal of the activity in mobile has talked about the potential for video media to be a catalyst for conversations, conversions, and education/discipleship. Here’s a report sent from the Kiosk Evangelism Project about such a change happening in SE India:

Uncle, I’m sending a couple of photos when I’m transferring the video clips. He is a village guy. he is from Hindu religion. he told that he worship their God and Goddess very much.. just I tried to tell about Jesus but he was rejected me forcefully. then I came to general talk just like what is your life, family, what you use to do. then I took mobile from my pocket and started watching videos by myself. then he tried to star in the phone. I told it was Jesus film but he started watching it. I showed him couple of video. and I asked him do you want to download it into your mobile? then he told yes. so I transferred some video clips into his mobile. if I said it is Jesus film, he may reject. you know that some people blindly believe their Gods and doesn’t allow other Gods to come into their life. I think he will know that these clips belongs Jesus Christ.

Its my duty to transfer the clips to his mobile and I done it and the next my Lord will do and He will only change Him. Amen

This is one report of a few that’s come our way. It demonstrates how (in some cultures) that just the behavior of watching and having faith-based content on your mobile device can be a catalyst for conversation or more.

For more information about this activity, visit the Kiosk Evangelism Project.

There’s complimentary activities happening with Open Church, Door 43, and a few other groups within the Mobile Ministry Forum. How about casting your hands to these nets if that’s the kind of impact you see from your mobile ministry (#mobmin) efforts.