Collaborative Writing for a Discipleship eBook

Came across this the other week. Here’s a snippet:

…Since I’m not writing as an expert, I need your help. I want you to shape the final content of the eBook. I need your insights and ideas, your experiences and stories, your questions and critiques.

Each post will be designed to generate discussion and I’m inviting you to join the conversation! I’m asking experienced disciple-making disciples and scared-to-share-the-Gospel-to-my-best-friend disciples to participate.

The final result will be a practical collaborative eBook on disciple making that can be used by students, regular church members, pastors and missionaries. But more importantly, as we intentionally focus our attention on the mission Jesus has given us, I am convinced that we will make disciples who make disciples…

Read the rest of You Don’t Have to Be A Super-Christian to Make Disciples

Nathan Creitz makes two great points with this, collaborative voices and collective opportunities. This would be a great effort for those of you looking to create discipleship materials for your mobile ministry (#mobmin) efforts. This kind of content would easily flow into content collections from Door 43, Open Church, and Kiosk Evangelism so that it can be made available for extended audiences. Even if not into those efforts, to have such a usable manual that has had skilled, experienced hands would be great for small groups, missionaries, and churches.

We’ve proposed similar with the 5Cs and will add that to the effort, come on in and join this obvious application of John 17:20-26.