eDOT’s Takeaways of Guy Kawasaki’s 12 Lessons

If you haven’t read Guy Kawasaki’s posting of his 12 lessons learned from Steve Jobs, it’s recommended. Then, once you have read that, consider the filter eDOT/Courtney has put these through:

Real CEOs demo – I have worked for so many people who didn’t have an idea of what it is I do and what it is I work with.  They’ve been able to manage me and get me to do things but didn’t have a clue about the solutions I made to solve some problem within the organization.  Leaders in a non-profit need to understand the different areas of the ministry.  While they don’t have to be able to do everything, they should at least understand what is the function of each area and be able to explain each area to an outsider.

Real CEOs ship – We can daydream and spend time preparing things and give out ideas, but if we as a ministry don’t actually produce anything – then what are we about?  I think too many times our ministry are just about “raising awareness” but effective ministries do something and when they do, awareness is raised…

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