More Than a Bible in My Pocket

When I started with mobile devices a few years ago, I had a few uses in mind. My primary desire was to keep up with my calendar & tasks, but I also wanted to always keep a Bible in my pocket per se. At that time, I thought it was cool to carry around a Bible or two & a devotion with me at all times in my mobile.

Fast forward a few years and I can now say that I have more than just a Bible in my pocket. These days I’m carrying around an entire theological library, all under the guise of a mobile phone (and iPod Touch). With an unlimited data plan & Wi-Fi, I now have at my fingertips just as much information as I have sitting at my laptop or desktop computer. So, a few years ago when I thought it was nice to just read the Bible on my mobile, I’m now able to interact with the text of the Bible and put together a full blown study right from my mobile device. I never would have thought that such a thing would be possible from such a light piece of hardware (in weight & processing power).

Apple iPod Touch, via Apple WebsiteNow, I can freely travel with just my phone, leaving my laptop at home, and not feel like I’m leaving anything behind. I’ve got my calendar, tasks, contacts, and my 2,000+ volume digital theological library right there with me. How awesome is that?! I can only imagine what I’ll be doing a few years from now on my mobile!

Editor Note: This posting also appeared at Palm Addict.