Mike Milton’s Lessons from the 2010 Lausanne Evangelical Congress

Mike Milton, the Chancellor/CEO Elect. of the Reformed Theological Seminary is one of many persons who attended the 2010 Lausanne Evangelical Congress from the Charlotte area. Like many, he has returned from Lausanne with several stories of the interactions and God-moments that happened.

Of specific note, Mike Milton journaled several of the lessons that he learned in going to Lausanne and connecting with many people there. These have been compiled into eight (8) reflections:

  1. Lesson 1: Don’t Assume in the Kingdom of God
  2. Lesson 2: I Am not Indispensable to the Kingdom of God/
  3. Lesson 3: There is One Faith
  4. Lesson 4: Great Things Are Done in Hidden Places
  5. Lesson 5: Peace is Possible
  6. Lesson 6: Things Are Not Always That Simple
  7. Lesson 7: God Is On the Move and So Are People
  8. Lesson 8: My Closing Thought – A Taste of Things to Come

These and similar reflections are being shared online and offline in the wake of what many have found to be a very humbling experience in Lausanne.

If you have attended the Lausanne Conference, or even one of the thousands of  Global Sites spread around the world, what are some of the things you’ve learned from this event? And, has anything in your approach to living this life of faith matured or been made clearer?

To connect with Mike Milton, visit his website or follow him via Twitter/Facebook. There are also several conversations continuing about the conference on Twitter (#capetown2010). Engage, reflect, and live to God.