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A Mobile Ministry of Things

Was browsing around and came across a web showroom and store called Grand St. As I went through their listings of various products, I wondered about some of the #mobmin products I’ve come across as being a part of that library.

What kinds of #mobmin products could you see there? I’ve got a few ideas:

  • pen that speaks the language that’s being written
  • key chain like tags which are programmable by mobiles for children’s ministry check-ins
  • presentation remotes
  • self-destructing memory cards

Ok, so those are a bit out there. But, these stores are a nice pocket of activities. And many ministries already do scores of events where swag-types of gifts are sold. Could you see an opportunity for being in a marketplace designing and selling #mobmin products like this?

Mobile Advance Reviews Portable Speakers

Portable Speakers  Front

We’ve stated many times that mobile has three parts: devices, services, and experiences. And its easy to see that the mobile itself is a device, and pushes some services. But, part of that also includes the accessories that you use alongside those devices to extend the experience of what you do on/with your mobile. Our good friends over at Mobile Advance have recently taken a look at several portable speakers. Here’s a snippet of that review:

When it comes to actually showing mobile media, the weak link is your mobile device’s speaker. Unfortunately, most phone speakers are very weak and far too many tablets have underpowered speakers that, even worse, are positioned facing away from the viewer. When you are showing someone a ministry video with one of these devices and you add in city traffic, crying babies other common distractions the person viewing it oftentimes will have to choose between listening to the audio with the mobile device next to their ear or watching the video without being able to fully hear and understand what is going on.

Read the rest over at Mobile Advance.